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Soviet Army and modern Russian Army. Military commissariats of the Soviet Army and modern Russian Army is а local military administrative agency that prepares and executes plans for military mobilization, maintains records on military manpower and economic resources available to the armed forces, provides pre-military training.defense and navy commissariats; its military-industrial commission (voenno- management of Russian public-sector defense industry, based on physical output.Military commissioners had the right of a casting vote in board of high schools, carried out ideological control and provided performance of a class principle, operated financial questions and staffing issues, participated in the organization of educational process.The Soviet Defense Industry Complex in World War II I. Historical background 1. Formation and structure defense and navy commissariats; its military-industrial commission (voenno-promyshlennaia komissiia, or VPK) had charge of the mobilization readiness both of and military influence over its management.According to the new law on Defense, the management of military commissariats is shifted from the General Staff of the Armed Forces to the defense ministry. As a result of the optimization, the number of 44 military commissariats will be reduced to 14, and only 2 out of the 20 employees will remain in each military commissariat.

The Armed Forces of Armenia is constitutionally a conscript force, but there is also a growing number of professional officers. There were roughly 19,000 conscripts and 23,000 professionals serving in 2017. Enlistment, which is performed twice a year, is handled by military commissariats.Dec 9, 2014 In June 1934, the USSR People's Commissariat for Military and Naval Affairs was transformed into the People's Commissariat of Defense .Soviet Wartime Management: The Role of Civil Defense in Leadership Continuity Interagency Intelligence Memorandum Volume II-Analysis CIA HISTORiCAL REViEW PROGRAM RELEASE AS SANITIZED b ~operations of military commissariats are dosely toordmated wit~ civil defense stafU.Under a new law, the management of military commissariats has been shifted from the General Staff to the defense ministry. A planned optimization will reduce the number of military commissariats from 44 to 14, while only 2 from the current 20 employed officers will remain in each agency.Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR (Minaviaprom USSR / MAP) In January 1946, the People's Commissariats were transformed into ministries; MV Khrunichev headed the aviation industry.

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TM 30-430, Handbook on U. S. S. R. Military Forces, is published for the information and guidance Administration of Personnel of the Commissariat.Military commissariat (Russian: военный комиссариат), abbreviated as voyenkomat (voenkomat) is а local military administrative agency in the former Soviet Union as well as in present-day Russia and some other CIS countries that prepares and executes plans for military mobilization, maintains records on military manpower and economic resources.6 documents on Commissariat for Military Production. Show filters. Enter search criteria. Keyword. invoer wissen. Explanation to the field: Keyword.Soviet Armed Forces. The OGPU was later made independent and amalgamated with the NKVD in 1934, and thus its Internal Troops were under the joint management of the Defense and Interior Commisariats. After World War II, the Strategic Missile Troops (1959), Air Defence Forces (1948) and troops of the All-Union National Civil Defence Forces (1970).On implementation of the law on “Military job and military service”, the Military Commissariat of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Military Commissariat of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic , and the military commissariats of regions and cities subordinated to Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan were abolished, and the State Service.

Military commissariat. The Kreiswehrersatzamt ( SWT ) had a lower federal agency of the Territorial Defence management at the local level (local authority ) with the main task to ensure the replacement personnel for the Bundeswehr. With the suspension of conscription and the reorientation of the Bundeswehr, the induction offices were dissolved with effect from 30 November.Military commissariat is a military institution in some European counties. Russia and former USSR[edit]. Military commissariat (Russian: Военный комиссариат), .A political commander (zampolit) served as a political commissar of the armed forces. A zampolit supervised party organizations and conducted party political work within a military unit. He lectured troops on Marxism–Leninism, the Soviet view of international affairs, and the party's tasks for the armed forces.Some business owners have a desire to run a company like a military unit. The business owner understands, almost instinctively, that there are unique management strategies that military organizations employ to accomplish difficult missions.Jun 6, 1991 volumes in this series are FM 100-2-1, The Soviet Army: Operations and Tactics, and FM 100-2-2, schools and manage motorized rifle officer person- nel. Other arms men report to the military commissariat to register.

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