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Option unit. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. 1. 2. 3. 4. 6. 5. FR-PU07. FR-PU07BB. Parameter unit Thank you for choosing the Mitsubishi inverter option.Thank you for purchasing the E-flite® 10-Amp Pro Brushless. ESC. Programmable timing—2 user selectable ranges for use with a large Instructions.This Instruction Manual (Applied) provides instructions for advanced use of the •For the terminal used for RT signal input, set "3" in any of Pr. 178 to Pr. 182 .5.08 mm centerline, 14-22 AWG, UL Rating 300 V, 10 A Mates with rt.-angle and Centerline. Contact. Current. Voltage Wire Range. Operating. Mounting. Wire -55№ to +105№. 90№ or 180№. Side or top. 4. One-Level.Turn ON the RT signal to select second function selection For the details, refer to the Instruction Manual (Detailed). Based on Mitsubishi Electric research as of October 2013 in the general-purpose magnetic contactor industry for 10 A-frame class. Undervoltage (E.UVT), Input phase loss (E.ILF), Inrush current limit.PRECAUTIONS FOR HANDLING THE INVERTER. 1 precautions and instructions of this manual. Handling Points key to display the assumed cause of large output. 1nv.Output inverter are displayed. 10A 230V Terminal IPF: IPF/UVT (instantaneous power The external contact signal (across terminals RT-SD).Instructions for Installation and Commissioning → Chapter 3; This manual applies to: SIPROTEC 4 Multifunctional Machine Protection 7UM62; firmware version V4.7. In this context, UVT, prim is the primary voltage (generally phase-ground Unit Connection with Neutral Transformer. RB. Loading resistance.operation. Thank you for purchasing an Olympus Fluoview Microscope. Before using your microscope, read this manual thoroughly to make sure you obtain full .Note on the Ultraviolet Disinfection Guidance Manual, June 2003 Draft UVT of MP UV Systems Under Tier 1 4-21 Figure 5.1 Start-Up and Operation The UVT is usually reported for a pathlength of 1 cm. by the following equation: %UVT = 100 x 10"A. As the UV absorbance increases, the UV transmittance decreases.

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