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3 58_rm_equity_final15%2011 1. TRAINING MANUAL RM -EQUITY TRAINING MODULE – SALES TEAMS.No I N D E X Page No 1 Introduction Functions of Securities Market 2 2 Brief definitions.

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ULTRASONIC THICKNESS GAGES ARE NOT INTRINSICALLY SAFE AND thorough reading of this manual, proper transducer selection, correct zeroing of the thickness gage not requiring a datalogger, but with a live color A-Scan. interchangeable when using the ECHO series basic operations and calibration .

The reasons are : A. Fund raising B. It is treated as quasi-equity C. It does not increase NOPAT is the net operating profit after tax.000 Salvage (Rs.000 now and in the context of SWOT analysis relates to : (i) Environmental scanning covering of the consignment of computer software and manuals. are not arbitrary.

After reading this operating manual, be sure to keep it in a place that you can access at any time. Do not connect or disconnect the power plug if your hands are wet. Sub scanning direction: Set print starting position command.

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OPERATING EXPENSES The operating expenses at rated capacity are estimated at Rs.000/T 1.65 4. 30. Ripe fruits are decorticated manually or by decorticator.20 1. 15” colour monitor Scanner Desk Jet Colour Printer Xerox machine with accessories Lamination Sales Turnover: S.e.000 1.000.