Color repair manual for UAZ-390995

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This instruction manual contains the brief description of the design and necessary operating and maintenance instructions. Wire Color Code: Г -blue; К -red; .

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  • The installation of a regular gasoline engine, a manual transmission and a versions - it is a commercial van UAZ 390995, Patriot, Hunter and Pickup. The special version of the UAZ Trophy has an exclusive gray-brown color - metallic. It should be noted that the characteristics of the UAZ allow you to repair it yourself.

  • The UAZ-452 is a family of off-road vans produced at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ) platform with a wooden floor equipped with a removable frame tent and awning, 3 dropsides. Cargo bed replaceable by utility and special service bodies.

In order to release the car factory was built a new set of color Eisenmann, the modernization of the main assembly line and launched a new welding line. Truck,Tractor Forklift Manuals PDF, Fault Codes.

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Blue metallic colour, ABS, manual air-condition, powered windows, powered and UAZ Patriot 2017 AMC, N1G or M1G, 5 seats, EURO 6, World of Tanks .

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