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Jun 6, 2018 Looking for some cool 'car-related' stuff to do in Japan? you can read more about this in our Awesome Guide #4: Automotive Events Guide.

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These amazing classic Japanese cars are now on display. Petersen Automotive Museum fills its halls with classic and supercar-shaped delights.

Apr 26, 2018 Did you grow up playing Gran Turismo, marveling over the weird and wonderful Japanese market (JDM) cars that never made it to these shores .

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Look beyond the epilepsy-inducing Skylines and Lamborghini Aventadors in Japan and you’ll find a rich classic car culture with a particular penchant for the unusual and the ultra-rare. So, if you’re headed to the Land of the Rising Sun, here’s a crash course with our in-the-know expert Ken Saito….

  1. For Japanese vehicles in the Hagerty price guide, the value of a car in “fine” condition with minimal wear has increased an average of 18.1 percent in the past three years and 38.8 percent.

  2. Jun 5, 2018 Perhaps it's this cultural trait that's helped Japan's car scene thrive, and BONUS Beginner Guide: Fun Facts About Cars In Japan.

  3. Ten Japanese kei cars we need in the UK. Micro sports cars, quirky camper vans, teeny tipper trucks: we want these midgets.

Feb 1, 2018 Some people think of buying a used car as a leap of faith. This is however not at all true if you follow some steps to make sure you are getting .

Aug 1, 2017 JPNZ – New Zealand's Premier Japanese Imported Car Manuals. Welcome to the JPNZ Manual's site, our manuals are translated from the .

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When viewing cars at auction you may notice that all will have an auction sheet attached, to those of us who cannot read Japanese these can appear a little daunting but with our simple guide we hope you will be able to make some sense of what is being mentioned.

Jun 4, 2018 Cars drive on the left side of the road and have the driver's seat and steering wheel on their right side. The legal minimum age for driving.

Avoid Craigslist after reading — A beginner’s guide to the world of weird and wonderful Japanese import cars US law means petrolheads must wait 25 years for many Japanese cars—the.