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Dump Trucks KAMAZ are easy in operation. Platform capacity is from seven to 25 tons, the volume of dump truck - up to 20 cubic meters. Any of KAMAZ dump truck can be operated as an independent unit of the rolling stock, as well as in part of a combination (using trailers, low-loaders), which significantly increases the profitability of transport.

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  • KAMAZ (Russian: Камский Автомобильный Завод – КАМАЗ, translit. Kamskiy Avtomobilny Zavod , lit. ' Kama Automobile Plant') is a Russian brand of trucks and engines manufacturer located in Naberezhnye Chelny , Russian Federation.

  • The KamAZ-5350 general utility truck is a member of Mustang family. This family of military trucks includes the KamAZ-4350 (4x4) and KamAZ-6350 (8x8) with numerous variants. This general utility truck is a further development of the KamAZ-4310 , which was launched in the early 1980s.

  • The KamAZ-6350 heavy utility truck is a member of Mustang military truck family. The 6350 model is one of the largest trucks in KamAZ range. It's low-rate production commenced.

  • Feb 26, 2016 in the tests were the KAMAZ 43502 Patrol and the KAMAZ 53501HL ensuring the reliable operation of these vehicles in Arctic conditions .

  • 1620 1940 3340 1320 1340 9915 3178 3070 KAMAZ - 6350 (8x8) Specifications KAMAZ Incorporated 29, M. Dzhalil av., Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russian Federation, 423808.

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  1. Eleven foreign carmakers have production operations or are constructing their plants History KamAZ-53501 KamAZ-6560 USSR 1974 postage stamp featuring a or AISIN 6-speed automatic transmission or 6-speed manual transmission.

  2. Sep 9, 2016 The TMM-3M2 mechanized bridge is carried by a KamAZ-53501 6x6 truck bridge launcher and to reduce the number of manual operations.

  3. The KaMAZ-5350 is the 6x6 6.000 kg variant of the Mustang family. It uses the same chassis as the 4x4 variant, but adds another rear axle in a boomerang suspension for increased weight and towing capacity.

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Jul 23, 2015 is a KAMAZ truck. KAMAZ trucks are being operated in more than 80 countries all over the Testing and design engineering work is complete to create the КАМАZ 53501 tractor, «Manual on Risk Management System».

Revolvy User [3] Reinforced KAMAZ trucks are used by the Russian military. History KamAZ-53501 KamAZ-6560 USSR 1974 postage stamp featuring.