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Penza does not have metro or trams, but the size and layout of the city make it easy to get around by bus (fare is 7 Russian rubles, about Map of Penza Oblast 53.2 45 1 Penza — the large industrial capital city is pleasantly green; be sure to visit the fairytale-like, wooden Museum of Russian folk art Kuznetsk — the second largest city in the region with a few churches worth seeking out only if you happen..30) or taxi (fare -10 depending on how far you need to go and how hard you bargain with the driver). Another option is to use shuttle bus service: it is slightly more expensive but faster and more comfortable compared to a regular.

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Location. Penza in Russia.svg. Flag. Flag of Penza Oblast.svg. Quick Facts. Capital, Penza(Administrative center). Government, Russian Oblast. Currency .

  • Penza region: Travel guide - is an app for the traveler that will prevent you from getting lost in strange places. • Off-line map with pedestrian and automotive navigation • Places search without internet connection • Nearest attractions with photos and descriptions • Weather • Cloud storage of locations selected.

  • Penza Oblast in its present form was established on February, 4th, 1939. It lies in the East European Plain (also called the Russian Plain) and occupies the central and western parts of the Volga Upland. The region stretches 330 km west to east, 204 km north to south, and covers the area of 43,300.

  • Penza Oblast (Russian: Пе́нзенская о́бласть, Penzenskaya oblast) is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast). Its administrative center is the city of Penza.

  • Penza travel guide. Routes through Penza. Penza is not the only city visited by tourists If you want to discover where to travel from and what interesting things can be found on the outskirts of Penza.

  • PenzaNews agency became one of the idea supporters behind the Penza region charity program “Equipment for the Benefit.” January 2010 The PenzaNews agency editor-in-chief P.N. Polosin received letter of gratitude of the Penza region governor V.K. Bochkarev.

The Penza region is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation. The region is located in the center of European Russia, it is part of the Volga Federal District.

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  1. Hunting and fishing in Penza region. Fishing in Penza region is most active in late spring, till the lakes are overgrown with sedge and water lilies. Hunting in Penza region is limited by prohibitions related to the list of the regional.

  2. Penza is the first major stop in Russia on the South Ural route of the Trans-Siberian Railway, which starts in Kharkiv. Daily overnight trains from Moscow take 13 hours and arrive around 09:00. Penza's modest airport services flights to/from Moscow , Saint Petersburg , and Saratov.

  3. There is a small airport in Penza, and, as of 2011, a flight from Moscow Domodedovo airport available several times a week, which will take around a hour. However, tickets are extremely expensive at 9750 rubles (0) for a return.

February 4, 1939, the Penza region (oblast) was formed. By that time, the population of the city was 160,000 people. By that time, the population of the city was 160,000 people. During the Second World War, a lot of enterprises from the west of the USSR were evacuated to Penza, that was the beginning of industrial growth.

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